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Before Freedom Day

20 February A.D.1957 – The Lawyers Association of Thailand was established.

A.D.1970 – The First Lawyers Seminar of Thailand was held at Thammasat University during 16 – 17 January 1970. The fifth conclusion of the Seminar Provides : ”A proposal that only a Lawyers Institution should have supervision and control over lawyers in Thailand as practiced in other countries and to be in the same manner as the medical profession which is supervised and controlled by doctors who are in the same profession.”

A.D.1974 – Mr. Marut Bunnag, the then Member of the National Leglislative Council, introduced the first draft ”Law Society Act” as a result of the conclusions of the Lawyers Seminar of Thailand. No consideration was made due to the dissolution of the National Legislative Council.

A.D.1975 – Mr. Mongkol Sukontakachorn, M.P. for Nakhon Ratchasima and his group proposed another draft ”Law Society Act” to the President of the House of Representatives on 17 April 1975. This draft was accepted in principle. It was however dropped due to the political events of 6 October 1976 and the movement to establish the Law Society also temporarily ceased.

A.D.1982 – Mr. Piyanat Vacharaporn, M.P. for Si Sa ket and his group proposed the draft “Law Society Act” to the President of the House of Representatives on 20 May 1982.

A.D.1982-1983 – Mr. Marut Bunnag, while being the Minister of Justice, made a proposal to the Cabinet to set up ”A Committee for Amendment of the Lawyers Act” chaired by the then Under-Secretary of Justice, Mr. Sopon Rattanakorn. The Committee held 19 meetings to condider the draft. The Ministry of Justice, then submitted the draft to the Cabinet on 25 January 1983. Cabinet of thereafter resolved on 22 March 1983 to forward the draft to the Office of the Juridical Council for review.

A.D.1983 – While the draft ”Law Society Act” was under the consideration of the Office of the Juridical Council, Mr.Sutat Ngoenmuen, M.P. for Ubon Ratchathani, Mr.Chuen Leekpai, M.P. for Trung and Mr. Marut Bunnag, M.P. for Bangkok Metropolis (Minister of Public Health) and group jointly proposed another draft ”Law Society Act”, the principle and reasoning of which are along the same line as the draft of the ministry of Justice, to the Democratic Party, on 24 May 1983 resolved to present the draft to the House of Representatives. The draft was thereafter submitted for the endorsement of the Prime Minister as required by the Constitution since it is considered a money bill.

Prime Minister Prem Tinsulanonda forwarded the draft to the Committee for Coordination of the National Assembly, chaired by Mr. Boontaeng Thongswasdi. The committee considered the draft on 18 July 1983 and unanimously approved the endorsement. The endorsement was made by the Prime Minister on 8 September 1986 and the draft submitted to the President of the House of Representatives on the same day.

12 SEPTEMBER 1983 – Mr. Uthai Pimjaichon, President of the House of Representatives ordered that the draft Lawyers Act be placed on the Agenda.

26 JUNE 1984 – The Office of the Prime Minister by General Prachuab Suntharangkul, Deputy Prime Minister acting for the Prime Minister, proposed the Government’s version of the draft Lawyers Act to the President of the House of Representatives on 26 June 1984, being approximately over one year after the submission of Mr. Sutat Ngaonmuen’s draft. (The draft of Lawyers Act as proposed by the Government was a revised draft prepared by the Ministry of Justice. The Council of Ministers approved that such draft forwarded to the President of the House of Representatives approximately one year after Mr. Sutat Ngoenmuen had proposed his draft and approximately 9 months after the President of the House of Representatives had ordered that Mr. Sutat Ngoenmuen’s draft be placed on the Agenda).

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