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Statement of Acknowledgement of Foreign Income

Statement of Acknowledgement of Foreign Income

Supporting documents required :


A copy of the filed income tax returns.


A copy of the applicant’s tax identification card.


A copy of the applicant’s passport (in order to total number of days the applicant resides in Thailand. In order to issue the certificate, the applicant must reside in Thailand more than 180 days).


Name and address in English.


Other relevant documents, if any.


An authorization letter in case of the applicant authorizes other person to act on behalf.

Statement of Acknowledgement of Foreign Income

To whom it may concern :

In compliance with the Convention between the Kingdom of Thailand and …………..(2)………..for the Avoidance of Double Taxation with respect to Taxes on Income, we hereby acknowledge that the following taxpayer has informed the following income from foreign source to the Revenue Department in taxable year …….(3)…


Name : (4)

Address :

Country :

Income Payer

Name : (5)

Address :

Country :

Income accrued in or derived from : (6)

Amount of income : (7)

Type of income : (8)

This certificate is issued upon the request of the above taxpayer for whichever legal purpose it may serve.


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legal career opportunities

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